Hello again! 

Even though I went to see these movies last week, I wanted to tell you all about what fun opportunities there are off campus (like seeing movies!). Since I am a film minor, I love seeing movies and there are two great movie theaters in the area! One is at Hampshire Mall where they show most of the popular movies that are currently out and the other is at Amherst Cinema which shows some great independent films/films that are still popular but perhaps less easy to find (The Grand Budapest Hotel/Fed Up etc.) There is also a free bus system for all 5 college students, the PVTA, and I am including a picture of the bus you take to get to either movie theater as well as Umass or Amherst campus. 

I went with some friends who are here for the summer to the two movies above at the Hampshire Mall. I had never gone to see two movies back to back in theaters before so it was fun almost “bucket listy” thing to do! In addition to the movies, the Hampshire mall has lazer tag and rollerblading!

Anonymous asked:

Why are you working in Admission in the summer? Is the office open all summer for visits and tours? Do students get to read applications?

I’m working in Admissions because I have the position of a senior interviewer this coming academic year and I was able to work part-time over the summer to train and take some interviews while also working in the psych labs.

The Admissions office is open during the weekdays from 8-4 all summer and open on Saturdays from 9:30-1 most of July and some of August. However, the availability of resources, including tours, is limited on Saturdays. Students do not get to read applications though the interview write-up of the senior interviewers does go into an applicants file and get assessed by the admission officers when reviewing a students file. 

I hope this is useful! Have a good summer! 

Anonymous asked:

Do alot of Smithies stay on campus during the summer and work? Is it a lively summer community and are there things to do locally?

A fair number of Smithies stay on campus. There are some programs  such as the SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows) where a student works with a faculty member in the sciences or engineering. This is usually funded. In addition, there are several other jobs available on campus from working with Residential life with summer housing to working with admissions. Northampton is rather quiet during the summer so if you have a car available you will have more opportunities to go out and do/see more. Several students don’t stay for the whole summer (which is what I am doing) and this provides a balance of being able to go home/look for other opportunities.

I hope this helps! 

Hello everyone! I will be trying to post on here semi-consistently about all exciting life at Smith! Most students have gone home at this point but look for more posts of the life of a summer admissions worker/research assistant on Smith’s beautiful campus!